Moshi iVisor XT (HD clear) No-Bubble Screen Protector for Kindle Fire HD 7″ (Previous Generation)

iVisor XT for the Kindle Fire HD 7″ is an advanced screen protector specifically re-designed to protect your Fire’s gorgeous touch screen from fingerprints, smudges, and blemishes. Unlike other screen protectors that require tedious installation procedures and often result in unwanted air bubbles or hindered touch screen performance, Moshi’s proprietary design and patented technology allows the iVisor to be installed in seconds without any air bubbles, making it the easiest screen protector to install on the market today. Further, its multi-layer construction enables unimpeded touch sensitivity while retaining clarity.

Product Features

  • Patented, 100% bubble free installation guaranteed. Installation takes only seconds!
  • High transparency and unparalleled clarity.
  • EZ-Glide surface treatment allows better touch screen maneuverability.
  • iVisor can be cleaned and reapplied repeatedly.
  • Reduces fingerprint smudging.

3 responses to “Moshi iVisor XT (HD clear) No-Bubble Screen Protector for Kindle Fire HD 7″ (Previous Generation)”

  1. EireAmericanLass says:

    Perfect fit, versatile, no distortion I was a little hesitant to spend so much on a screen protector, as there were so many reasonably priced alternatives. However, I was most concerned with protecting the investment I made in the , so I took a chance on the Moshi iVisor XT… and I haven’t yet regretted that decision. My Kindle is kept in the , and I didn’t even have to remove the case in order to apply the Moshi screen protector. For those who haven’t yet purchased the Kindle Fire HD, the Amazon leather case doesn’t touch the screen (except when the cover is closed, of course), so any screen protector that fits within the confines of the actual screen isn’t affected by the cover. Applying the screen…

  2. TessTN says:

    Best Screen Protector I’ve Ever Used Bubbles under screen protectors really annoy me, so when I read that this one installed without them, I was sold. I misunderstood the description and thought it was some sort of framed “front ‘glass'” that snapped onto the frame, but it’s actually a sheet of vinyl, heavier than most screen protector sheets. Once I installed it, I no longer cared that it wasn’t quite what I expected.It did, indeed, install without a single bubble! I also liked that it completely covers the glass, so there’s no edge to catch dust. The holes precut for the mic and camera lined up perfectly. I can’t tell that it’s on, and it doesn’t seem to impede the touch sensitivity of the screen at all.The item is advertised as reusable, and I can vouch that one can remove it and reinstall it at least once. I had to return my Kindle Fire HD because of a screen failure within a week of purchase. I took the Moshi iVisor XT off carefully and laid it aside on a dust-free surface…

  3. Gets Around says:

    irritating rainbow It was easy to put on and there are no bubbles. But there’s a really annoying rainbow pattern like an oil slick on water. It says on the package “You may notice rainbow-like patterns beneath the iVisor when the Kindle Fire HD is off or viewed at a slanted angle. This is a natural optical phenomena and is not a defect. It should not affect viewing or performance.” Well, I beg to differ. It is very visible even when it is on and at a straight angle. It is very distracting. I cannot use this and so I had to tear it off, which fortunately was quite easy to do. Waste of $20 though. Save your money unless you’re real visually tolerant of such distractions. It’s funny how they try to minimize this by saying it’s a ‘natural phenomena’. Yeah, opacity is a natural phenomena too, but that wouldn’t be a very good quality for a screen protector, and neither is a persistent rainbow.

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