Moshi AirFoil Screen Protector for Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle, and Kindle Keyboard (2 Pack)

AirFoil™ technology aids in quick dissipation of air bubbles. Scratch and smudge resistant. Extreme clarity with no color distortion Unique adhesive prevents edge-lifting common to other protectors.

Protect your Kindle Paperwhite’s display with Moshi’s AirFoil film protector. To considerably ease the otherwise strenuous installation process, the film is equipped with AirFoil™ technology that aids in the rapid dissipation of air bubbles. The optical grade film is surface treated to offer fingerprint smudge resistance while retaining absolute transparency and clarity optimized for high-definition resolution. The polymer adhesive is also specially formulated to ensure no edge-lifting after extended use and leaves no residue when removed. When it comes to the most essential protection for your Kindle, you should settle for nothing less.

Expertly crafted for Kindle Paperwhite

Proprietary AirFoil™ technology significantly cuts down on bubbles during installation.

packaging of the moshi i-visor for kindle fire

Unique porous adhesive prevents edge-lifting.

Moshi's i-visor is easily applied, removed, and washable

Extreme clarity allows for crisp text even in direct sunlight.

Moshi's i-visor is easily applied, removed, and washable

Anti-fingerprint coating reduces the appearance of fingerprints and smudges.

4 unique layers, 1 exceptional screen protector

Layer 1: Anti-fingerprint coating Layer 2: Scratch-resistant PET layer Layer 3: Breathable, porous adhesive Layer 4: Protective device liner airfoil 4-layer screen protector for kindle paperwhite

Product Features

  • Certified “Made for Kindle” accessory (Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle Keyboard)
  • Permeable design allows for simple, hassle-free installation (air bubbles pass through the screen protector)
  • Protects your device from smudges, oils, and fingerprints
  • Contains: 2 Moshi AirFoil screen protectors, cleaning cloth, applicator

3 responses to “Moshi AirFoil Screen Protector for Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle, and Kindle Keyboard (2 Pack)”

  1. Glenn C. Martinet says:

    Easy to install, great product Didn’t get it just right the first but it was easy to remove and reset. It has been a few weeks now with a “Lot” of use on the beach and there are no problems with the touch display and the protective cover is still in excellent condition. Wouldn’t know there was a protective cover on my Kindle.

  2. Thomas Paul says:

    Not worth it I have had my Kindle for a long time and never had a problem with scratches or fingerprints but still… Anyway, I tried to get this thing on my Kindle and I kept having problems getting it straight. When I finally got it straight I had trouble getting the bubbles out from under it contrary to the claims made about it. And then peeling it back and forth I ended up with a cat hair under it and that was it. Trying to get the cat hair off the sticky side made fingerprints and I finally just gave up. It simply wasn’t worth all the effort to protect a screen that really doesn’t need protecting. Plus the price seemed crazy and definitely not worth it. So I would say save your money and don’t bother with this screen protector.

  3. C. Cullen "NotebookSeeker" says:

    Very easy to install, has a wonderful feel to it I was expecting the same kind of frustrating experience with installing the protector as with something like an iPhone screen protector installation but this went on very easily and it has a wonderful, velvety feel to touch.

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