Marware Origin Cover for All New Kindle Fire HD (will only fit All New Kindle Fire HD 7″), Purple

Marware Origin Cover for Kindle Fire HD

Lightweight protection meets refined versatility with the Marware Origin. Features origin fire hd convenient viewing comfortable typing magnetic cover interior protection

Convenient Viewing
Fold the front lid back for a comfortable hands-free viewing position.

Comfortable Typing
The Origin stands your device in a comfortable typing position.

Magnetic Cover
Magnets secure front cover closed, protecting the device screen.

Interior Protection
Soft microsuede lining protects screen from minor scuffs and scratches.

Product Features

  • Certified Made for Kindle Accessory for All New Kindle Fire HD (will not fit Kindle Fire HDX 7″ or Kindle Fire HD previous generation)
  • Case stands for hands-free viewing
  • Magnetic cover keeps screen protected from grime
  • Microsuede interior softly protects screen from minor scuffs and scratches

2 responses to “Marware Origin Cover for All New Kindle Fire HD (will only fit All New Kindle Fire HD 7″), Purple”

  1. Lauren Maggard says:

    Does not fit I purchased this case for the “new” Kindle Fire HD, which was recently released. This does not fit the device. The holes are on the opposite ends of where they should be for the on/off button and the charger. In addition, there is not a hole for the volume control, which is new to the device. Also, the device really doesn’t fit in the case well at all. I had to try to force it in the case. Lastly, the product felt of poor quality.

  2. M. Hammond says:

    CHEAP JUNK ALERT! Save your Money! I just recieved the NEW upgraded Kindle Fire HD on Friday. This case just arrived this morning(Monday). I knew the minute I picked up the envelope off my front porch, I was not going to like it. Even in the envelope, it felt thin and cheap. Once I opened it, I was disappointed.. It looks cheap, like cheap Naugahyde .. so thin,when the kindle is place inside it, you can see the outline of the kindle just waiting to bust through with time. MARWARE, you should be ashamed of yourselves! I only bought this Kindle cover because I bought the Marware cover for my orginal Kindle Fire and was/is very satisfied with it.. Still am, after 2 years.. The only thing this new cover has going for it, is that it fits the new Kindle Fire HD. Otherwise it’s Cheap Junk Crap. It’s going back. I’ll order another one from a different company. Marware, you have lost my business.. and it’s a shame too, cause I bought all my Grandkids the new HD for xmas, and was going to order them cases as as well. Not…

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