Marware Clear Screen Protector Kit for All New Kindle Fire HD (will only fit All New Kindle Fire HD 7″)

Protect your All-New Kindle Fire HD display from harm with the Marware Clear Screen Protector Kit 2-pack. This special film fits precisely around the device display. It guards against scratches and spills without distorting the viewing experience.

Product Features

  • Certified Made for Kindle Accessory for All New Kindle Fire HD (will not fit Kindle Fire HDX 7″ or Kindle Fire HD previous generation)
  • Includes 2 screen protectors, cleaning cloth and applicator card
  • Premium-quality protection against scratches, smudges and dirt
  • Ultra-precise fit covers right to the edge of the display
  • Clear, scratch-resistant protection

One response to “Marware Clear Screen Protector Kit for All New Kindle Fire HD (will only fit All New Kindle Fire HD 7″)”

  1. Michael Gallagher says:

    Easy to Install But be Patient and Go Slow This cover does what it is supposed to do: it protects your Kindle Fire’s screen and reduces the glare – for me it helps stop a lot of the smudgy fingerprints, especially after playing a few rounds of Scramble or Words with Friends. This one was not too hard to line up and put on, either. Please note this screen protector is only for the 2013 version of the Kindle Fire HD.Before you install it, let me point out a couple of things:1. Clean your Fire’s screen with the soft cloth that comes with the screen protector. DO NOT use water to assist you, but use a gentle wiping motion with the cloth. Why? You don’t want to put the cover over a bunch of fingerprints or miniscule pieces of lint and have your fingerprints / lint memorialized on your Fire!2. Make sure you use the straight-edge that comes with it, or a credit card, to help smooth out the bubbles.3. Be patient, line it up, and go slow! This cover doesn’t have much wiggle-room to be…

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