Marware Capacitive Stylus for Kindle Fire, Fire HD, and Kindle Paperwhite, Black

The ultra-responsive Marware Stylus provides a comfortable, pen-like experience, perfect for writing or drawing directly on your smartphone or tablet capacitive touch screen. Clip it to your pocket or case and take it with you wherever you go. The stylus is compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices including the Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Samsung Galaxy SIII and more

Product Features

  • Provides a smooth, pen-like writing experience for your Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, or Kindle Paperwhite
  • Premium aluminum casing in 5 vibrant, metallic colors
  • Perfect for learning / drawing apps
  • Compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices

3 responses to “Marware Capacitive Stylus for Kindle Fire, Fire HD, and Kindle Paperwhite, Black”

  1. J. E. Ramsey "Jeram" says:

    Love it! My husband did not want one, but I did. Well that changed as soon as he tried it. He keeps stealing mine while we wait for his to arrive. It’s very comfortable to hold. Even natural. The tip is soft, but efficient. I am very pleased with this purchase.UPDATE- My husband decided to order in the generic ones in a value pack. Although it wasn’t a bad purchasee, I personally prefer this one. For lack of a better way to describe it, the soft end is supposed to bounce back when squished. The generic ones don’t seem nearly as resilient and I would be concerned with one not holding up as it should and inadvertently scratching the screen. The marware does not push down the same way and it bounces back immediately so I don’t have the same concerns there.

  2. Dubby says:

    Excellent Stylus Great stylus and very easy to use with the new Kindle Fire HD 7″. I also highly recommend this stylus for an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. I have a 4th gen iPod Touch and it works great with that. The tip looks too big but it isn’t. Prior to this I purchased another stylus (Ten One) and it stop working after a month. These aren’t just a “pen” with a rubber tip. They have passive circuitry that mimics the static (capacitive) touch properties of your finger.Highly recommended.

  3. S. Michael says:

    Too expensive and too ordinary First, $15 is too expensiveSecond, the thing has a rubber tipRubber tips do not slide well and they don’t hold up very well. A much better choice would be a knit fiber tip. New Trent has a double pack of plastic styli with retractable tips for $10 (The Arcadia) or the IMP62B with a pen on the other end made of Aluminum for $10. Once you use a knit tip you’ll never use a rubber tip or your finger again. The knit tip glides smoothly over the screen and it is much easier to type the correct letter.After almost 7 months of use, I really prefer the cheaper Arcadia 2 piece pack as the stylus is lighter and I can retract the tip to protect it. I usually use my regular pen to write with and I can afford to give away the Arcadia to close friends at $5.50 a unit….

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