Marware Atlas Kindle Case Cover, Pink (fits Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle, and Kindle Touch)

Travel the globe with the peace of mind that your new Kindle or Kindle Touch is protected by the Marware Atlas Kindle cover. To keep your Kindle device safe from the wear and tear of your ever-expanding mobile lifestyle, the Atlas folio features a stylish fabric exterior with soft, microsuede lining. While you’re on the move and navigating through unchartered territories, the Atlas offers a hand strap for convenient, improved hold of your new device and an elastic strap that secures the lid open or closed. Finally, you can take control of your mobile lifestyle and escape to any destination knowing your new Kindle device is safe with the Marware Atlas cover by your side. Marware, Inc. is an independently owned U.S. based corporation located in Hollywood, Florida. Their primary focus is designing and producing accessories – to protect your accessories as if they were their own – for the Apple, Amazon Kindle, and mobile electronics markets. They’re committed to offering the coolest cases and accessories for all your electronics backed by their superior quality, innovation, style and functionality. Along with designing cases and accessories, they also develop software applications for the Mac and iPhone.

Product Features

  • Certified “Made for Kindle” accessory (fits Kindle and Kindle Touch)
  • Sturdy, durable, protective exterior and a microsuede interior guard against scratches and mild impact
  • Interior hand strap improves one-handed reading
  • Thin folio cover with a sophisticated, sleek design
  • Convenient, high-grade outer elastic strap secures the cover open or closed

3 responses to “Marware Atlas Kindle Case Cover, Pink (fits Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle, and Kindle Touch)”

  1. Divya Mirchandani says:

    I’m so glad I bought this! So I was a little nervous getting this case. I had gone through a lot of cases for my K2 and just wanted one perfect case for the new Kindle I bought ($79 one). Until I could decide which case to get I got a Vera Bradley book cover as a sleeve for my kindle (a great choice btw) and thought I would just keep using that case. Then my kindle with advertisements shows me an advertisement for 50% Kindle covers and I know I have to get that perfect cover with this chance (Because I’m not about to pay $30 for an $80 device…) So basically for $15 this cover is FANTASTIC! IF you have a lot of money to spend then by all means buy it at full price. If you get the special offer on your Kindle, go for it and get this at half off. This case has the material of strong canvas with leather trimming on the outside – almost feels like a great hardcover book would! The inside is soft and dark (like the kindle), the straps work wonderfully and don’t obstruct anything, and the strap for putting your hand…

  2. Christoph Ruepprich says:

    Marware Atlas Kindle Cover Review A quick video review of the Marware Atlas Kindle/Kindle Touch cover. I managed to get this at 50% off, and for that price it is great. At regular price it is, like most other covers, a bit over priced.

  3. A. Green says:

    Not For Me I bought this cover to go with my Kindle ($79 model). While I love the look of this cover, I returned it after only one day. Why?Well, first of all, because it is made to fit both the Kindle and the slightly larger Kindle Touch, the Kindle moves slightly side-to-side in the cover. I found this to be distracting when reading. Also, the four tabs that hold the Kindle in the cover looked awful, and I did not like how they felt on my fingers while reading.The Kindle is all about the reading experience. The device itself should “disappear” while you read. This cover kept that from happening. I will wait for the official Amazon cover that does not have the corner tabs, and is made specifically for this particular Kindle.That said, this IS a nice little cover, was well-made and packaged, and for some people would not be an issue at all. That is why, even though I am returning it after only a day, I gave it 3 stars.

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