Kindle Paperwhite 3G, 6″ High Resolution Display with Next-Gen Built-in Light, Free 3G + Wi-Fi

Unlike tablets, Kindle Paperwhite 3G is designed to deliver the best reading experience, period.  Kindle Paperwhite 3G has no screen glare in bright sunlight, a battery that lasts weeks, not hours, and a next gen built-in light that allows you to read without eyestrain. Includes free 3G wireless-no hunting or paying for Wi-Fi hotspots, no annual contracts or monthly fees; 3G wireless works globally.

Product Features

  • Free 3G wireless-no monthly fees or annual contracts; 3G wireless works globally.
  • Read without eyestrain – no glare screen in bright sunlight, plus next-gen built-in light
  • Read with one hand – over 30% lighter than iPad mini
  • Battery lasts weeks, not hours

3 responses to “Kindle Paperwhite 3G, 6″ High Resolution Display with Next-Gen Built-in Light, Free 3G + Wi-Fi”

  1. J. Chambers says:

    More evolutionary than revolutionary, but worth the upgrade This is the fifth e-ink Kindle reader that I’ve bought. My wife and I were early adopters of Kindle, and when we buy a new Kindle, the old one goes to the next niece or nephew in line. I loved the original Paperwhite, with its small size, touch screen, front-lighting, and virtual keyboard. The all-new Paperwhite is a definite step up, and for me, it was worth the move, but others will have to decide for themselves. If you read a lot, and you don’t already have one of the newer e-ink Kindles, it’s definitely worth upgrading to the Paperwhite. If you have the original Paperwhite, the upgrade is well worth considering. Although I’ve only had the new Paperwhite a few hours, I’m already glad I upgraded. Here’s a summary of my initial impressions of the new Paperwhite.SIZE: It’s the same size as the original Paperwhite – 6.7″x4.6″x0.36″. The weight has been reduced slightly from 7.8 ounces to 7.3 ounces. The Paperwhite is very comfortable to hold in one hand, which is how I…

  2. jjceo (jjceo@comcast . net) says:

    A new step forward for me in reading on my Kindle! I have loved and used my Kindle Keyboard for years now but I missed not being able to read it in a room with low lighting or in the dark. I purchased a Kindle Fire and I also use an iPad 3 but for ease of reading on my eyes I prefer the Kindle Keyboard. I wanted to get a Kindle Paperwhite e-Reader but I held off until this new generation was released before I spent my money. I got this because I wanted to reduce my eyestrain from reading in the evening and I just love this new tablet. It offers the perfect balance of a lit screen with reduced eyestrain and high clarity and contrast of the text.I have added a video of the Kindle Paperwhite compared to a Kindle Keyboard and a Kindle Fire. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will try to answer them.I love that the text on the screen is crisp and clear. I use the Kindle because my declining vision caused me to stop reading books. Reading was my number one…

  3. Michael Gallagher says:

    Best Value for Your Money Compared to Other e-Ink Kindles I am writing this review from the perspective of being a long-time Kindle user vs. someone brand new to the Kindle experience. As a point of reference, I have owned and used each model of the e-Ink Kindles and Kindle Fires.From an overall standpoint, and considering everything you get (compact e-Reader, touch screen, lighting system), the Paperwhite is a very good e-Reader. Similar to the first-generation Paperwhite, I am impressed at how much smaller these e-Readers can become as compared to a “regular” Kindle or my Kindle Keyboard yet still not feel like you’re losing anything from a “feels like a book” experience.To address the reading experience, I compared the current book I was reading side-by-side with the first generation Paperwhite as I wasn’t sure what to expect with the display. The text on the screen is sharper than the first generation with a better contrast: the whites are whiter and the blacks are blacker. Why is that important? It means the…

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