Kindle Keyboard 3G, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6″ E Ink Display – includes Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers

The 6-inch diagonal screen display of this Amazon wireless reading device comes with E Ink Pearl that gives perfect brightness in ant lighting condition. Store up to 3500 books in this Amazon PDA and enjoy reading them at your free time. Weighing just about 8.7 ounces, the Kindle 3G is easy to carry anywhere you want to. The built-in 3G Wi-Fi connectivity in this Amazon wireless reading device also keeps you connected to the virtual world easily. This Amazon PDA provides you with seamless reading as its battery runs for almost a month with a single full charge.

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  1. Ron Cronovich "Ron" says:

    Kindle vs. Nook (updated) UPDATE NOVEMBER 2011:My review is now over a year old, as is the “Kindle Keyboard” as Amazon calls it now. There are newer models: the basic, cheapie Kindle and the Kindle Touch, and of course the Kindle Fire quasi-tablet.Each of these models is an excellent choice. Whichever one is right for you just depends on your preferences.The 3 e-ink Kindles are Kindle Keyboard (this one), Kindle Touch (the newest “flagship” model), and the basic Kindle. All 3 of them have EXACTLY THE SAME 6″ DISPLAY, with the same sharp typeface and high contrast that reads like ink on paper with no eyestrain. The Kindle Keyboard is the oldest of these models, and I got one of the first ones when they came out in August 2010.I still absolutely LOVE my Kindle Keyboard and use it almost every day. I have read dozens of books on it. I like the newer models, they have some neat features, but the experience of reading a book on them is no better or worse than on…

  2. Jeffrey Stanley says:

    Worth the money. Not perfect, but very very good for start to finish novels in good light The Kindle is my first e-ink reader. I own an iPad, an iPhone, and have owned a Windows-based phone in the past that I used as an ereader.My overall impression of the device is good.The good:I’d honestly rather read linear (read from page one to the end, one page at a time) fiction from it than a book, because I can’t always get comfortable with a book. Hardcovers are sometimes a bit heavy, and paperbacks don’t always lie open easily. The Kindle is incredibly light and thin. I can hold it in one hand easily. The page turn buttons are conveniently located. Page-turns aren’t instant, but they’re probably quicker than turning a physical page in a printed book (there are just a lot more page-turns unless you choose a small font). The contrast is better than other ereaders I’ve seen. There is zero eye strain in good light. My eyesight isn’t the greatest and I like being able to increase the font size and read without glasses. I love being able to…

  3. Matthew Coenen "Ah. Books." says:

    I Wanted a Dedicated E-Reader, and That’s What I Got I’m a first-time Kindle owner, so I have nothing to “compare” the latest Kindle to. I don’t own a Nook. I don’t own an iPad (and, in any case, that’s comparing apples to oranges). I don’t have a Sony e-reader. ‘This will be a short, simple review.I received my Kindle about a week ago and haven’t been able to put it down.Things I like about my Kindle?1. The e-ink display is amazing.2. Using the 5-way controller is simple and effective.3. Page turn speeds are faster than I thought they would be.4. It’s lightweight, even with the attached cover (I have an Amazon cover with a built-in light)5. Page-turning buttons are quiet and well-placed.6. Recharge time is fast.7. I can order a book and start reading it in less than 60 seconds. Nice!8. Portability… I can take 3,000 books with me when I travel for work and not require additional suitcases or baggage fees.Things I’m not too keen on?1…

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