iGadgitz Brown PU ‘Bi-View’ Leather Case Cover for Amazon Kindle PaperWhite 3G 6″ Display Wi-Fi 2GB. With Sleep/Wake Function & Integrated Hand Strap

iGadgitz PU leather slimline ‘Bi-View’ case for the Kindle PaperWhite takes elements from our best-selling ‘Tri-View’ case to create a unique product we are sure you will love. This case is made from durable PU leather with a light yet reinforced construction to protect your tablet from everyday wear and tear. The case is closed with a traditional stud fastener to give a more secure closure and ensure sleep/wake operation works accurately. For added security the case has a secure Velcro tab to hold your tablet securely in place, with an anti stain microfiber felt inner lining on the inside of the case. There is also a flick out stand on the inside cover that you can use for portrait view functions – perfect for reading. This stand has been carefully designed to integrate fully into the case so it adds minimum weight or thickness. We also provide a fully integrated hand strap which is perfect for reading. To use the stand or the strap function, simply undo the extra stud on the cover, fold the cover back and secure it to the corresponding stud on the back of the case before use. We think this case is an exciting new design which brings something different to the market. Why not give it a try?

Product Features

  • Custom made PU Leather case for the Kindle PaperWhite with anti-stain inner lining.
  • Integrated elastic hand strap offers a secure hand-held viewing position
  • Offers an easy acccess flick out portrait stand to create a comfortable reading position
  • Hand strap and portrait stand use mm design to nest into the tablet frame flush when closed
  • Sleep/Wake technology utilises magnets to align the front cover securely & put your tablet to sleep

2 responses to “iGadgitz Brown PU ‘Bi-View’ Leather Case Cover for Amazon Kindle PaperWhite 3G 6″ Display Wi-Fi 2GB. With Sleep/Wake Function & Integrated Hand Strap”

  1. Andrew Jones says:

    Good product for the price 1. Delivery: free delivery to US from UK took about 10 days.2. Material: As described above, it is PU leather. It has a slightly less rigid feel than the official Amazon cover. The appearance is nice, it would not fool anyone expecting high grade leather. Be realistic with your expectations for a $15 product. I do like the brown/saddle color and feel it give a nicer appearance than the black, but that is just my personal taste.3. Design/Features: The design is clever. The built in stand works well and stays closed with a magnet (this does not interfere with the other magnet that turns the unit on/off – or perhaps they are one and the same). The front cover stays closed by using a strap with a snap as shown in the pics. The on/off magnet does not hold the cover closed at all.The hand strap works as advertised, though for me personally, it is a bit less ergonomic than I expected. The handstrap is only practical for use with the left hand, and my…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lightweight and easy to use stand. I do not use hand hold except to carry as I am left handed. Looks classy

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