iGadgitz Black PU ‘Heat Molded’ Leather Case Cover for Amazon Kindle PaperWhite 3G 6″ Display Wi-Fi 2GB. With Sleep/Wake Function & Integrated Hand Strap

Our unique PU leather case for the Kindle Paperwhite has a brand new design developed around the needs and desires of Kindle users. It’s a case we are very proud to introduce. This case is made from durable PU leather with a light yet reinforced construction to protect your tablet from everyday wear and tear. Your tablet is secured through 6 clasps,this allows full and easy access to the screen at all times. Simply unclip your tablet from the bottom clasps to create a comfortable portrait reading position. Included in this design is our unique elasticated pull tab – when the case is folded back flip the tab over the release hook to secure in place. A useful, innovative feature. We have integrated an ergo ‘Y’ shaped elasticated hand strap for this case. The hand strap’s design has extra flexibility in allowing users to hold the device at different angles for more comfortable interaction. Our clever sleep/wake technology utilises magnets to put your tablet to sleep. There is a charger cutout to allow access when the case is closed. Finally the case opens and closes with a quick release hook for ease of use. We think this case is an exciting new design which brings something different to the market. Why not give it a try?

Product Features

  • iGadgitz unique PU Leather case for the Kindle Paperwhite with anti-stain microfibre inner.
  • Offers an easy access portrait stand position, simply unclip the device from the bottom clasps
  • Integrates ‘Ergo’ ‘Y’ shaped elasticated hand strap to enable a more comfortable reading mode
  • Our mm design conceals an elastic pull tab to secure your device firmly into the hand-held position
  • Sleep/Wake technology utilises magnets to align the front cover securely & put your tablet to sleep

2 responses to “iGadgitz Black PU ‘Heat Molded’ Leather Case Cover for Amazon Kindle PaperWhite 3G 6″ Display Wi-Fi 2GB. With Sleep/Wake Function & Integrated Hand Strap”

  1. SL Phang says:

    Like it. It met my expectations largely. I liked the way I can hold it in one hand comfortably in all positions especially while reclining in bed as well as being set up in a slanted position. Although it is quite easy to fit the Kindle upside down. It fits well and give a sense of protection to the Kindle.

  2. Beth says:

    Multi-functional and a great value It does everything shown. The hand grip is comfortable with black elastic on hand strap. It is inset so it lays flat. Simple covers were $30 in the store. This multi-functional one was less than half the price. Paperwhite fits in snugly. The tabs that hold it in do not interfere with reading. If I were giving Kindle Paperwhite as a gift I would get this cover for them too. Don’t forget the plastic screen protector.

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