Amazon Kindle Touch Lighted Cover: Review

Amazon Kindle Touch Lighted Cover

The new Amazon Kindle Touch Lighted Cover is a huge step forward for the world’s most popular eReader. Not only does it protect your Kindle better than past models, but it also has greatly improved illumination quality. Lets take a quick look at just a few of the positive changes made to the new cover.

The first thing that really jumps out about the new Kindle Touch lighted cover is how the Kindle fits into. In the previous model there were some hooks and levers to attach it to the Kindle, and also provide power. Now it is so much better. You simply press the Kindle Touch into the lighted cover and away you go!

Amazon seems to have made a mission of easy-to-open packaging. They certainly achieved that with the Kindle lighted cover. It arrived in a plastic bag. The top was folded over and partially sealed with a sticker printed with product information.

The manual was a piece of paper with three illustrations showing you how to insert the Kindle into the case and how to deploy the light. Amazon says this Kindle cover is made from premium leather. I would not call this a premium leather at all. It has a faint leather smell, but it looks more like a bonded leather or even a good vinyl to me. The front cover is stiffened with a cardboard or plastic core. It has stitching around the edges to bind it to the fabric lining and to the spine.

The Kindle name is embossed at the mid-point of the right side of the front. The cover measures 6-7/8″ long X 4-5/8″ wide X 1/2″ thick. It weighs 5 oz empty and 10.8 oz with the Kindle inside. It was available in black, brown, (lime) green, and purple. I purchased the purple, but I would actually describe this color as more of a deep, bluish-red berry color. The color is actually a bit darker than the photos show, but I brightened them a bit so you could see construction details.

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