Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ Standing Leather Case, Onyx Black (will not fit HDX models)

Our genuine leather case was engineered to be the lightest and thinnest protective case for your Kindle Fire HD 8.9”. The premium textured leather and an innovative form-fitted interior secure your Kindle Fire HD 8.9” without any hinges or straps. The case automatically puts your Kindle Fire HD 8.9” to sleep when it is closed and wakes your device upon opening making it so easy to jump back into your magazines, music, apps, and movies.

Product Features

  • Designed by Amazon to be the lightest and thinnest protective case for Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ (will not fit Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD 7″)
  • Made from premium, natural leather that is designed to resist fading and scratching
  • Wake or put your device to sleep by opening or closing the case
  • Secures your device without straps covering the front, while the magnetic cover stays securely closed
  • Built-in stand allows for hands-free viewing

3 responses to “Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ Standing Leather Case, Onyx Black (will not fit HDX models)”

  1. Rick Mallory Jr. says:

    Fantastic Case With A Few Flaws So I’ve had over a week now to spend some time with both my Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ and this particular leather case and I have to say, I honestly do not understand why it received so many negative reviews. However, that’s not to say that this case doesn’t have some issues (some more obvious than others).Durability (5/5): You know, part of me wanted to make a video review showing me hurling this case straight down onto pavement. Could I do it? Sure! Do I think the Kindle would hold up if it were inside the case while I conducted this experiment? Yes. The reason why I didn’t though is because I can only imagine how many people would cringe at the idea of looking at such a scene. Plus, while I am confident in the strength of the case, I’d rather be safe than sorry in this particular matter. Still, it does feel quite sturdy and I suppose the reason why people say (in other reviews) that it “feels cheap” is probably because it is so thin (which in my opinion is a good thing). If…

  2. Nobody says:

    I’m surprised by some of the reviews I don’t think the cover seems cheaply made, nor have I had any trouble with the Fire falling over (I’ve used the stand only in the landscape orientation). I like the sleep/wake function built into the cover, the leather looks good, it adds very little weight to the Fire, there’s no chemical smell, and the fit is snug without resorting to the use of corner straps or having to slip the Fire into a holder that covers the bezel. I like the cover so much I’m thinking of buying a second one in another color.

  3. JJ says:

    The Thinnest case I have seen, with some cons OK, I could have given this case 3 stars for some of the cons. I did not because of the way Amazon markets the case on their site probably clarifies what you are buying. The key here is THINNESS! And many people love a thin LIGHT case. Amazon designed this case to be the thinnest, and Amazon may very well have achieved that. I think this is a good thing. So good, that I have given this case 5 stars. Just know, you are buying thin.5 stars for thin and protective case… about half an inch with the FireHD 8.9. (hard to measure, I need calipers!). I will tell you why I think some of the one star ratings are given…and they fall in two areas: One, the case looks cheap when you see the lower half inside. Two, the case can not be propped at a low angle to one’s desk and still type well on it. We will look at both of these items… there are, I am sure, other reasons for low rankings, some due to perceptions of “a good case.”First, everyone has (perhaps) their…

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